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About Us

Welcome to ZEPTA

ZEPTA is formed around a few core values with the aim to create a difference in providing the best technical services while ensuring quality to its customer as well as offering a conducive environment to all of its working partners.

ZEPTA is striving to develop cost-effective, easy to use authentic turn-key solutions to deploy and use by its valued customers. ZEPTA intends to get specialized in automated solutions for public and private sectors including SMEs to equip them with user-friendly, purpose-built secure, and ready-to-use software products to enhance their efficacy.

ZEPTAs services are not limited to automated solutions only but provide a one-stop-shop for software development, web development, business intelligence dashboards, workflow management, cyber security, and other allied services concerning business process re-engineering and improvements.


To provide technology oriented simple solutions to everyone


Turn out as an extended arm of businesses to provide cutting-edge, technology-oriented, cost effective solutions


The philosophy of ZEPTA is to develop itself as a panacea for the corporate world by giving them quick and easy-to-use quality assured solutions to enhance user experience and increase the customers' happiness by enabling them with the incremental features in the products to attain greater measurable value.



“Energy and motivation is the value which enables our team to do something extraordinary and diligently ”


“Without being loyal to customers and their needs a right solution cannot be developed; thus we believe in embracing the right solution coupled with technology and it should not be compromised”


“Trying, trying and trying. That is, if we face a complex problem whose solution is hard to find, we will never give up and try to achieve the right solution in given scenarios for our customers. ”


“Trust is the key to success, we believe in a speed of trust which can do wonders to accomplish tasks within the shortest possible time”


“This core value not only surrounds the solution we build but it also pulls all internal and external stakeholders in a sphere of development process who helps and contributes in producing a solution ”